It is too late we are rushing towards our train, we noticed from the announcement that our train is at platform number 3 and when we heard that, within a fraction of the time we started to move towards our train. finally, we get into the moving train. The sound of the train creates musical tone in my mind. When the train enters the tunnel, the air blocked my ears. People are rushing inside the train to find their seats, some of them occupy others seats too. I and my friends settled in our seats but two of our seats do not belong to us. Every time the train enters a tunnel my ears get blocked by air it is like a new experience to me. Half an hour passed so far so good. The problem started when the train stopped at the next junction. New travellers are entering into the train among them one person ask my friend to get up and he added that seat number s4 and s5 has belonged to him. We requested him to use our seat on the next compartment. He agreed gently and moved to the next compartment. Few minute’s later the man returned and ask us to leave his seats because someone occupies our place there. My two friends go to the near compartment and enquired the people about their tickets. They showed their tickets but it belonged to the general compartment.

My friends gently ask them to leave, but they are a little bit rude to my friends. This made my friends get angry. They got some supporters from the near seat. And they called TTR to solve the problem finally we got our seats.

We six divided into four and two. I give company to my friends. We sit on our seats and a girl is sitting near to me. She said to me,”I also having tickets for general compartment but if you allow me to sit here I will sit”. The girl requested me very polite but she speaks Malayalam, I am not able to understand she repeat it slowly and finally, I get an idea about her words. I just saw my friends because I feel shy to speak with girls they agreed. The girl is happy to sit there.

After an hour train stopped in a junction. The girl gets up and pick up her luggage and moved towards the door. I am expecting words of bye from the girl. But she leaves the place without a word with me. I don’t know why, and finally, I thought that she considered me as a stranger and this is why she doesn’t have a word with me.

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