Stranger at seashore

 It was an evening time, sunlight fades away only the darkness surrounds the ocean. Moons bright light gets reflected in the ocean water. My friends and I were sitting near a party lane and chatting with each other. Beside us, family members were enjoying their vacation. A 6years old kid was running and playing with their family. The climate was very cold and the sound of the seashore and the waves of the water bring relaxation to my mind and it creates a pleasant feeling in my mind.

It takes me to the world of imagination was I found an old man standing near the seashore for a long time. I noticed him for a long time, he was nearly 70 years old, maybe I was wrong. He was standing like a statue he didn’t move his body, even he didn’t take any deep breath. I was shocked and wondered about him. For a long time, he didn’t move from the same spot. I thought that he was also in the world of imagination. After a long talk, my friends and went for a walk, we crossed the old man and making noise but the old man didn’t distract. We went very long and at the end of the seashore, we found rocks instant of sands. On that rocks few fish and crabs are swimming we felt it as a dangerous spot and soon returned to the sand and started walking towards the old man. He was still at the same spot neither take a step to front or back nor right or left. I was wondered about the old man and surprised about his great admiration towards nature. One of my friends decided to talk with him, but we don’t know that he was in meditation. My friend went near him and give his greeting to him. We also gave our company to him finally. “Where are you from?” asked my friend to the old man. The old man replied,”I am from swiz“. Actually, we confused we didn’t hear about that place and my friend raised his second question,” which country you are belonged to”. The old man gently replied I am from the country swiz“. Again I didn’t understand one of my friend prompt that the name Switzerland and we confirmed it by verification from the old man.

And we enquired about his date of visit to India and also the departure date. The old man was not sure about the date and he didn’t have any electronic device with him. To us, he was a strange human being.

We greet him goodbye before we leave. On our fourth step, we found that the old man was moving to the nearest hotel and we come to the conclusion that he stayed in that hotel.

Later few hours I recall our meeting with the old man. I noticed him when I arrived at that beach but our word with him made distraction to his meditation, maybe he was upset about our meeting because it distracts his meditation, Maybe he was waiting for somebody to have a word with him, who know which one could be the real thought of the old man but except him………………………………………..

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