Red signal

5 rupees coin in my pocket, just now I took it from my purse for a blank eyed man. he was moving from one place to another to collect funds from the travellers. He starts his work when the signal turns into red and stops his work when it turns into green, he had one helper who had only one hand.

They just start their work when the red signal appears. they collect funds from the travellers. suddenly I had a thought, why should I help them, may I responsible for their cause. I decided not to give any money to them. my mind ordered my hands not to give any money to them but my heart directed my hands to take money from my purse. Now my hearts hands are ready to offer funds for them. The counting of the signal goes down and down. I am eagerly waiting for them to provide money, but suddenly he changed his direction and moved behind the car. I was frozen. I don’t know why this happens to me and I come to the conclusion that I want to change my mind. Then the green light glows with new knowledge of life.

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