Night Train to goa

        I think it was 1.40am, we started our journey. The train was 1hour late. In the station we listen to songs and music, a lady police came there and grab one of my friends mobile, I think he was watching some videos. She warned us not to use the mobile phone inside the station and also enquired about our journey. When we get into the train TTR was ready with his list to check our tickets and we easily found our seats. There we take some photos and settled to sleep. I don’t know how long I fell in sleep I woke up suddenly and looked my face in the mirror near to my bed. I didn’t Saw anything because of darkness. I thought that I was blind, but I called the names of my five friends they didn’t response to my words, I thought I am deaf too. I just get down from my bed and searched my friends by dragging my hands. I didn’t found them,”oh god what happened to them did they vanished? or am I death?”. Confusion around my head and I don’t know what to do. I just feel only the pin drop silent and darkness. “oh god what happened to them did they vanished? or am I death?”. Again confusion disturbed my mind. My heart said,” bhuvi, it is better to open the door and check whether the train was moving or not”.

        I just open the main door and watched out, I found only the mist, darkness and silence outside. When I came out of the train I watched a light beam from the front of the train. It attracted me and made me move towards it. Slowly and carefully I walked towards the light and last I found a man standing with a lamp and was expecting someone very eagerly. I called him but there is no use he didn’t hear my voice, I touched him but he didn’t feel my hands,” oh god what happened to me am I death!”. I maintained little silence and watched the man deeply. He wore a black coat and a red tie, he had a lamp in his hand and a name tag in his coat and it shows his name as Subramanian.I don’t know who is he and why I am here.

            Finally, I heard a sound and my deaf ears are opened. Hey woke up we reached, hey woke up, I said woke up soon. It was the voice of my friend. I heard only his voice after a fraction of time TTR spoke in my friend voice and he also asks me to wake up. Finally, I realized that I was in sleep……………..


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