Cry of an old woman

On Sunday evening I was sitting in front of my brother’s house. I am waiting for him to come out of his house. It was already late sun gets disappeared and the moon gets raised only the darkness around everywhere. After a week gap, we met together and enjoyed the day. We spend our evening by playing cricket in our regular ground. When we finished our gaming we both returned to his house because he wants to get things list from his mother to buy it in the super market. For this reason, we went to his home. I sat out side of the house he went inside and drank some water. His mother came from the neighbour’s house and she mistakenly considers me as her son because of the darkness. Then soon she realized me when she comes closer. I had few words with her and she went inside. My friend and his mother started to prepare things list to buy. They called me inside but due to my dirty legs and hands, I neglect to go inside. They made three calls and after that, they continued their work, I was admired for the beauty of the moon and the colour of it. The moon lady was shining and trying to spoke a word to me. Suddenly old women came there and sat near to me and started to cry, I was confused and I don’t know why she was crying. She was crying and murmuring something, somehow I came to know that she was talking about a dead old lady.

But I don’t why she was expressing her feelings to me. I felt a little bit shy and called my brother out side when I called my brother both my brother and aunt went out side. When the came out side the face of the old lady is appeared to be happy and she talks to my brother and aunt sweetly without showing any sadness on her face. I got confused and I don’t know whether to tell this instant to them or not.

And finally, I come to know that the old women were misunderstood me as her grandson. And there is a death in the near house, so for that only that old women express her sorrow to me. But saying these words I relaxed my mind.

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